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National Courier Service | Same Day Delivery Management Specialist

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How do we operate?

Our mission

Delivery of consumer items SAME DAY, specifically the niche of delivery known as the LAST MILE DELIVERY


How do we operate?

Our Story

Eric Mautner, Owner of NeedItNowCourier and its many subsidiaries began as a CPA.

He had a dream. He wanted to use his knowledge and apply it to his own creation rather than work for someone and merely follow their goals.

Manhattan Courier Service

He began with one midtown Manhattan courier service where he joined forces with his current partner, Barry Wolf. Eric’s vision was to grow the company by acquisition and this is what he did.

The first addition was Expressway Courier in lovely Connecticut. This was at first a diamond in the rough. Eric treated this company like his baby and nurtured it until it yielded fruit and became in its own right a very successful delivery service.

Next was A Courier Company of New York

Luggage free was a big “attention getter” in that it was novel when first created. Eric recognized the hassle involved with loss and theft was an issue for people and came up with a solution. There was ALOT of press when this first was created. Eric even appeared on the Good Morning America show.

Then came Quick One Messenger the courier company of New York. Followed by ASAP Courier in sunny Florida. Followed by its sister company CACouriers which together are in the process of taking over the Florida delivery industry.

As if this were not enough Eric stuck with his successful pattern of growth by acquisition and added SOS Logistics, a flourishing logistics company on Long Island as well as two more Manhattan based firms: Manhattan Express and Hi Powered Delivery Systems.

Then it became time to venture into New Jersey and so there was WDSNJ followed by ShipAccurate.

His most recent acquisition is SDS Global Logistics. A MAJOR player in the courier and logistics industries.

Eric saw the future and realized what could not be replaced with the communication media of the new world